Getting started with Indian Philosophy - A list of booksI’ve often been asked about some good books on Indian Philosophy. So here’s a list for getting started: Classical Indian Philosophy by Adamson a…

November 2022

The structure of Sūtra and Bhāshya

October 2022

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September 2022

Understanding causation in Sāṃkhya Philosophy
Negative to positive

August 2022

"Like medicine, philosophy must be ingested at regular intervals, and at prescribed dosages." - The Socrates Express

August 2021

Who are you?Are you a name, a relation, or a professional title? OR are you merely an aggregate of memories? The Buddhists believe that there’s no Self, and…
A visual summary of key texts from various schools of Indian philosophy. Volume I - Nyāyasūtra
Understanding the Buddhist theory of Apoha

July 2021

Understanding the Lokāyata philosophy
A timeline of Indian philosophers from 1000 BCE to 1500 CE
Logic in Nyāya philosophy