"Aham Brahmasmi" as they Advaitas would say.

What I think and feel that I am, and what I really am are overlapping but slightly distinct. To slightly modify the Advaita saying I would say, I am the creator of my own Universe or in incorrect Sanskrit "Aham Svayam Brahmasmi" and my Universe includes the aggregate of memories and the arising of my consciousness and the self.

A thought is a part of my Self and so are my limbs and they are all arising in this sea of consciousness that my brain aggregates; building my personal Universe of experience. In some states of mind, my Self grows larger to encompass the trees and the bushes, and so much more. Buddhists might call this to be closer to a truer state of being.

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Hey thanku for this wonderful initiative. How about creating a whatsapp group for discussions 😀😀 ? I won't be able to put my views accurately in comments...

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I think the "no Self" thing is completely bonkers, but the Brahman thing makes sense to me because it solves the Hard Problem of Consciousness and seems like the most parsimonious solution to it as well.

And, it doesn't claim that the most justifiably certain thing to exist (namely, ME!) is an illusion; it doesn't lead to the utterly incoherent (IMHO) claim that there are experiences not being experienced by any experiencer. I mean, seriously, what could that possibly even mean?

And it kind of feels right, too. I just have an ineffable sense that that's what reality is truly like. Of course, my personal feelings aren't going to persuade a skeptic to take this seriously. But then, I wouldn't have taken it very seriously a year ago, and I would have found it laughable ten years ago...

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